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Symptoms and Benefits

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs or symptoms; your dryer venting may be clogged or obstructed.
Symptoms of clogged venting:  

*Clothes take a long time to dry or won't dry at all. 

*Excessive moisture in the laundry room.

*The top of the dryer is hot to the touch when it is running.  

*Foul odor at the dryer vent.

*Low, reduced or no air flow coming from the vent exhaust. 

*Dryer keeps shutting off before the end of the cycle.

*Plastic dryer venting increases the liklihood of a fire.  Replace plastic venting with fire retardent aluminum venting. 

Benefits of dryer vent Cleaning: 

* Reduce risk of dryer venting fire.

* Reduce utility costs

* Prolong the life of your dryer. 
                                             State Registered and Fully Insured


Evaluation of your dryer venting system is based on National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)  and National Building Code Standards.

Our 12 point inspection and evaluation includes:

  1. We take a digital anemometer reading feet per minute (fpm), before cleaning the exhaust and after cleaning to ensure proper air flow.
  2. Gas Dryers- CO/Combustible gas leak detector is used to check connections at back of dryer and at the gas supply line.  
  3. Electric Dryers- 220 volt power supply cord and strain relief are inspected for proper installation; for your safety. 
  4. Check your existing venting to verify it meets fire and building codes for safety.
  5. Check for damaged or worn venting.
  6. Check for retention of moisture in the venting system.
  7. Check for proper operation of the louvered vent.  Sticking or damaged.
  8. We use a borascope  camera to inspect the inside of the venting.
  9. Inspect the venting to see if it has been properly installed.
  10. Inspect the dryer area for potential fire hazards.
  11. Check the dryer to make sure it is heating correctly. 
  12. We give you a written report of our findings and recommendations.

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