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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have my dryer venting cleaned?
*If you are using a gas dryer deadly carbon monoxide fumes may not be properly exhausted from your home.
Several hundred people a year are subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning due to improper dryer vent setups and restricted or plugged exhausts.
More information on carbon monoxide poisoning. click here 

*Electric Dryers use heater coils to dry the clothes, the coils become red hot and transfer heat to the surrounding cabinet and venting; which contains the lint and debris removed from the clothing during the drying process.  This lint and debris can come into contact with the electric coils and can ignite or smolder, starting a fire.    

*Gas dryers have a large flame contained in a chamber. Lint can ignite starting a fire inside the dryer cabinet or venting.

*The lint and debris in gas or electric dryers can smolder and go unnoticed for several hours after the unit is turned off, before igniting.   

*The lint screen catches about 80% of the lint and the remainder builds up over time in the dryer vent, increasing the risk of a dryer related fire.

*Some dryers have had fires inside of the cabinets and venting, that have gone unnoticed until the dryer has needed service.

*Clogged dryer venting does not allow the hot air and moisture to be properly removed from your dryer.

*"Failure to clean," is the cause of 70% of dryer fires.

How Can I Make my Dryer Safe and Reduce the Risk of a Dryer Fire? 
*Checking your venting for any of symptoms of a clogged vent annually can
help reduce your risk. 

*Clean or Have your venting cleaned annually depending upon your usage. 

*We can install a dryer lint alarm, which will alert you when your venting needs to be cleaned. 

How often does my dryer venting need to be cleaned? 
National Fire Prevention Association recommends cleaning your dryer exhaust annually. 

When is a dryer venting a fire hazard?

If you have plastic dryer venting, you have a fire hazard. 
In your owners manual, it says not to use plastic venting, however, plastic dryer venting is still available and often used mistakenly by homeowners and in construction.
We can install fire marshall approved metal or aluminum venting.
If you venting is crushed, flattened, has water in it, excessive lint, it may be a fire hazard. 
We recommend checking our symptoms  information and calling with any questions.
Improperly installed dryer venting can also pose a risk of fire.  Venting that sags also creates a restriction in the airflow and can lead to debris accumulation.

 How do you clean the dryer vent?
We use specially designed mechanical brushes, other attachments and a vaccuum to clean the lint and debris build up in your dryer venting system.  

Do you install new venting?
*Yes, we install new venting.  
If you have plastic venting or damaged venting we can install new fire retardant
dryer venting.  We only use National Fire Prevention Association approved fire retardant metal dryer venting in all of our dryer venting installations.  

Should I replace my venting?
If you have plastic venting yes, if your venting is deteriorated yes.  
Call for more information. 

How much do you charge?
Each venting system is different please call for additional information.  

 What do I do if there is a birds nest?
Discontinue use of the dryer.  
Bird droppings and feathers can lead to vary dangerous lung disease called Histoplasmosis.
Call us dryer vent cleaning company to remove the nest for you.  

What do I do if my dryer has a burning smell?
Discontinue use immediately.  Do not wait for the load to complete.  
Call us to check the dryer and venting system.

What do I do if my dryer is smoking or on fire?
Evacuate the house immediately and call your local fire department. 

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*FEMA, US DHS and US Fire Administration, National Fire Data Center; Vol. 7, Iss. 1; Pub. 1/2007.
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